In a world in continuous evolution, successful companies need to deliver an outstanding level of performance to their customers and stakeholders.

Purchasing and Supply Chain organisations with higher maturity levels and more advanced practices will be able to effectively contribute to this success. The EIPM Bee-Best ® tool has been primarily designed to help these organisations identify their area for improvement and develop efficient improvement plans, by challenging the way they operate against the EFQM Business Excellence framework for developing sustainable excellence. This proven model is holistic and nonprescriptive, addressing leadership, strategies, people, processes, and all partnerships dimensions.

The assessment

As a user, you will score your organisation against the model criteria and sub-criteria, through 99 questions, each related to a good practice that is capable of providing you the best results day in and day out. You can go through the assessment at your own pace, as the tool is available 24hours a day and /7 days a week.

The dashboard shows your progress in percentage of questions answered.

You can find a reply to almost any question you may have in the user guide that can be downloaded from any page of the questionnaire. For any question left unanswered, feel free to contact the support.

The results

  1. Score sheet. Once you have completed the self-assessment you have access to your score sheet. It is calculated based on the scores that you have given for every question, and the weighting established by EFQM for the model. Note that the criteria "Customer results" and "Business results" have a weight of 1.5 times the one of the other criteria.
  2. Benchmarking information. When you have finished with your assessment and have closed it, your benchmarking information becomes available. You will see in numbers and on charts (spider and bars) how your company scores against the average score of all users and also against the scores of the EIPM Peter Kraljic Award winners of the past years.

The EIPM Peter Kraljic Award competition

When you decide to compete for an annual EIPM Peter Kraljic Award, you not only need to score your organisation, but also have to describe your practices in the 32 sub-criteria. The description of your practices and their attributes will be analysed according to the EFQM RADAR method, and serve as the base for the selection by the Jury of the finalists to the Awards. Those finalists will receive a visit by EIPM/EFQM assessors to validate their practice descriptions, build a diagnostic report for your organisation and make a final proposal to the Jury.

Other services

The EIPM expert team will support you through all the steps of your improvement programme.

  1. Assessing the capabilities of your organisation
    • Your need. You want to assess the maturity of your organisation and its performance as a team in order to build a consensus on what needs to be changed. You want to challenge yourself and get an external view on the performance and practices used by your organisation.
    • EIPM solution. A workshop facilitated over 2 days is an opportunity to create the right momentum. It will be reminded by people as a great learning experience that delivered a clear path forward.
    • Your need. You want to assess your performance across your categories and see what you need to drive from the corporate perspective and what can be managed at the category level.
    • EIPM solution. We can adapt to your needs the EIPM assessment tool and brief people on how to use it in a one-day workshop. Then in another 2-day session, the team helps you interpret the results and see where it is the most appropriate to act.
  2. Defining new practices and planning your transformation
    • Your need. After performing the assessment you want to identify benchmark practices to fill gaps, plan your transformation, and launch projects.
    • EIPM solution. We lead at least one 3-day workshop in order to provide you with an actionable feedback with high-level recommendations access to best practices, help you define your main priorities, and plan your transformation projects
  3. Implementing the changes
    • Your need. You want to ensure that your transformation projects are properly deployed at every location, and will deliver results.
    • EIPM solution. EIPM will facilitate a one-day workshop at the relevant locations, in order to engage your teams in their transformation journey.
  4. Reaching the benchmark performance globally
    • Your need. You want to get the same best practices consistently implemented and ensure that your transformation projects are progressing on schedule.
    • EIPM solution. Regular 2-day coaching sessions, organized every 3 months in the main locations can help you unlock the potential of your transformation projects. You get regular access to best practices, and short training modules and your teams understand how to progress further.